Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology Editorial Board

Professor Eleanor Conlin Casella, University of Manchester, UK

Dr Mary Casey, Casey & Lowe Pty Ltd, NSW

Emeritus Professor Graham Connah, Australian National University, ACT

Professor Martin Gibbs, University of New England, NSW

Dr Michael Given, University of Glasgow, UK

Dr Tracy Ireland, University of Canberra, ACT

Dr Grace Karskens, University of New South Wales, NSW

Dr Susan Lawrence, La Trobe University, VIC

Professor Jane Lydon, University of Western Australia, WA

Professor Tim Murray, La Trobe University, VIC

Professor Charles Orser, New York State Museum and Illinois State University, USA

Dr Caroline Phillips, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Jon Prangnell, University of Queensland, QLD

Dr Neville Ritchie, Department of Conservation, New Zealand

Dr Ian Smith, University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr Iain Stuart, JCIS Consultants, NSW



Monograph Editors


Dr Martin Gibbs

Dr Peter Davies