The early stages of my research for this project were carried out when I was working in the Department of Anthropology under Emeritus Professor Michael Allen at the University of Sydney. I am grateful for the resources made available to me by that department. Just when my research efforts were nearing the end, Jim Smith of Wentworth Falls let me loose in his library and my research efforts began anew. Members of the Leura Adult Literature Discussion Group, always a receptive and supportive audience, alerted me to his knowledge and expertise. Paul Alexander quietly encouraged and extended the boundaries of my known anthropological universe. John Clegg and Jadran Mimica asked uncomfortable questions about assumptions I had made. Friedegard Tomasetti listened and supported ideas with library searches and articles. Sascha Zdenkowski and Hugh Speirs persevered with my technological idiocy. Robyn Wood typset the manuscript with her usual proficiency. And, as always, fellow stargazers Susan Wilson, Sophie and George Zdenkowski displayed unflagging confidence in this project and a persistent irritating optimism. For their generosity, I am grateful to them all.