List of Figures

Figure 4:1 The south coast of New South Wales

Figure 4:2: Summary of charges against defendants, October 1991–March 1992

Figure 4:3: Family chronologies as summarised for the Magistrate in 1993

Figure 5:1 The Whitsunday Islands

Figure 5:2 Presence of turtle bone in Border Island 1 archaeological site

Figure 5:3 The relative importance of dietary resources in archaeological sites in the Whitsunday region

Figure 7:1 The southeastern Gulf of Carpentaria

Figure 7:2 The Properties of inside and outside country on Mornington Island

Figure 7:3 Drawing by Kaiadilt man showing his concept of his country. Below is a comparative sketch map of Bentinck Island (after Tindale 1977:248)

Figure 7:4 Coastal mainland Ganggalida country

Figure 7:5: Schematic Representation of Ganggalida Classification of Environmental Zones in the Mainland Coastal Area

Figure 7:6 Lardil geography of Langungatji, Sunday Island

Figure 8:1 Southwest Gulf of Carpentaria, Borroloola and the Sir Edward Pellew Islands


Figure 8:2 Sea grass beds and reefs known and named by Yanyuwa dugong and turtle hunters

Figure 8:3 Paths and camps of the Dugong Hunter spirit ancestors over the Pellew Islands

Figure 9:1 Northern Groote Eylandt estates

Figure 10:1 Blyth River—Crocodile Islands region

Figure 10:2 Burarra yakarrarra and Yan-nhangu baparru with coastal estates

Figure 10.3 Junction of gapu dhul way and gapu maramba at Mooroongga Island

Figure 11:1 Liverpool River estuary

Figure 12:1 Lamalama and related peoples, sea country

Fiure 13:1 Muralag and adjacent islands

Figure 13:2 Indigenous involvement in each of the Torres Strait fisheries